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Fencing Services
Pereira Fencing offers a variety of services to suit any residential need. We always remove and haul away your old fence at no extra charge! Please feel free to contact us for any fencing, decking or arbor questions. We will be more than happy to come and give you a free estimate!
Wood Fences
We first dig the post holes making sure they are 8 feet apart. It is also very important that the holes be at least one third deep as the height of the fence. However, this might vary slightly depending on the style of your fence. For example, a fence that has more wind resistance or a heavier fence might need deeper holes. If your fence is built on a hillside you have to consider erosion and deeper holes will help the durability. Your fence might also be built on a slope where the sections need to "step down" and you would need longer posts and therefore deeper holes. These are many reasons to hire a qualified fence contractor to build your fence.
The posts are then set into the holes with concrete. Pereira Fencing always makes sure to crown the concrete around every post! This ensures that the water from rain or sprinklers runs off and doesn't rot your fence posts. At Pereira Fencing Company we usually use pressure treated posts that are a blend of hemlock and Douglas fir. We have found these posts generally last longer with less twisting or bowing and are more water resistant. However, even the best posts will rot if they are in contact with water for a long period of time. So by taking the extra time to crown the concrete around your posts, you will be rewarded in the long run!
On a wood fence we would then attach rails and a kicker (Keep in mind that not all fencing companies use kickers on their wood fences. We prefer to use kickers because it helps some with the stability of your fence. They are also great especially if you have kids and dogs!) to the posts using galvanized nails for a picture frame fence, and screws for a dog eared or flat top fence (We NEVER use staples or a nail gun!). Our contractor drives each galvanized nail in by hammer to ensure quality, strength, and durability. It is a slower process, but this guarantees that the nails will never "back out" of the wood, and your fence won't fall apart! Pereira Fencing is always willing to take a little extra time to deliver great craftsmanship.
The fence boards are then attached to the fence again using galvanized nails for a picture frame fence or screws for a dog eared or flat top fence. As previously mentioned, on a picture frame fence, we always drive galvanized nails in by hammer. Nails from a nail gun are smoother than nails that are made to be driven in by hammer. This is why you might see nails "backing out" of a fence that was built using nail guns, and the fence then falls apart faster. You will also see this on a fence built using staples for similar reasons. On flat top or dog eared fences, we use high quality exterior screws. These screws are very strong and will not leave streaks on your redwood fence.
If you need a gate we build them ourselves! There are many different styles and sizes. We recommend for a double gate or a gate that is wider than 4' that you use a bigger post to attach your gate to. We also use high quality exterior screws when we build your gates. This is because wood gates might need an adjustment after a while and using screws allows us to do so.
It is always a good idea to stain or seal your new wood fence. This will not only make it look great but also protect and preserve the wood. This might be something you want to do yourself (family project day!), or we can do it for you at an additional charge.
Wrought Iron Fences
First dig the post holes, for wrought iron fences again the posts will be set at 8 feet apart. We also set our wrought iron fence posts in concrete, again using the crowning method for proper water drainage to increase the life of your posts . The wrought iron fence panels are then attached to the posts using bolts and screws. In a few cases, custom wrought iron fences need to be welded together. We then return to touch up the paint.
Keep in mind that when you are looking for someone to install a wrought iron fence you make sure that they use powder coated material only! If not you will end up with a very rusty fence very soon! Also allow extra lead time for a custom wrought iron fence as your panels will need time to be made just for you.
Vinyl Fences
We dig the post holes (we do a lot of digging!). The posts are set with concrete. With a vinyl fence the posts are not always set at 8 feet apart. It could sometimes be less depending on what style of vinyl fence you choose. The next day after the concrete is set, we return to install all the vinyl fence parts and boards. Vinyl fencing snaps and slides together. The great thing about vinyl fencing is that it is easy to keep clean looking (just hose it down) and it doesn't rot or rust!
All of our vinyl fencing materials are manufactured by Kroy Building Products. Kroy Building Products has been in business for over 50 years. When hiring a contractor to install your vinyl fence make sure you are getting a good quality vinyl. It is also very important to make sure your contractor knows how to install a vinyl fence and has done so before. When installing a vinyl fence your contactor will need to take into account the expansion and contraction tendencies of the vinyl fence material due to temperature. If your vinyl fence doesn't have the proper spacing it could fall apart in the cold or break apart in the heat!